the tölt mare

the tölt mare

Dva Canada Goose Womens the Billig Canada Goose Jacke tölt mare

In the sports competitions lately it has become rare that young horse appear publicly and are no less qualified than well trained and grown up horses.

This happened in the tölt competition today where Dva fr lfhlum made a strong impression and interest of many spectators and ended in 6th place with a score of 7.70. Dva who is only six years old, understandably does not have a long track record as a competition horse, Canada Goose Sale although she competed in one tölt competition last year, then only 5 years old. At that time she competed in B finals at the FM at Kaldrmelar and in the preliminary competition she received a score of 7.37. The one writing this news report does not Moncler Outlet Billig remember a 5 year old horse Parajumpers Herren receiving this score for tölt before.

As mentioned before, Dva is from lfhlar and is the offspring of Dimma fr Parajumpers Sale Mifelli and Arur fr Parajumpers Damen Brautarholti, she went for breeding assessment last spring and received a score of 9.5 for tölt, spirit and temperament. Her rider and trainer is Sara strsdttir and Eifaxi staff met her at the Canada Goose Sale tournament and enquired her a little further on this very interesting mare.

got a little training when she was four years old Sara says and continues became quite clear in the beginning that her disposition towards tölt was unusual, she was always ready and very eager when she was speeding at tölt

temperament is unique and she was totally trouble free, she has not had much training from April and until beginning of June, and she was a little heave in the beginning but she is quickly getting into shape When asked about the future, how exciting it would be to continue training her for the coming years, Sara says: of course but we would like to breed from her, the idea was to take her to Landsmt this year, but as it turns out she will be in competition next summer, but after that she will be reproducing but then she adds am sure that I have yet to ride her when she displays her best presentation because she has yet a lot to give

Eifaxi congratulates Sara with this mare and all of us will be looking forward to enjoy watching Dva at the competition track, at least one more year.

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